Welcome to the AM-PM Program!

We provide quality, safe and enriching program before and after school at 13 of our elementary schools serving kindergarten - 5th grade. Our program is a self sufficient, parent pay program which is financially independent of school district funds. We take pride in providing the finest quality childcare program. Our professional staff provide a safe and enjoyable environment where the children can have fun, learn and make new friendships. Lastly, we will continue to work closely with our families, knowing that strong communication and teamwork is always in the best interest of our children.

Fill out the application : EZChildtrack
Everyone is put on a waiting list, you will not receive a confirmation until you are accepted into the program.  You will receive a phone call when you are accepted. 

21-22 School Year Fee Schedule

AM-PM School Fee Schedule

Care is sold by the month.

$20.00 Registration Fee

Care is calculated by multiplying the number of days in the month times the daily rates.

5 days/week Only

Before School:  6:30 a.m. -8:00 a.m.    $7.00 per day

After School:  M12:51-6:00, T-F 2:18-6:00      $13.00 per day

         Before and After School:  $18.00 per day   Sibling discount: $16.00 per day


AM/PM - ASES Collaboration

We are collaborating the AM-PM and ASES grant at  Casita Center, Foothill Oak, Hannalei and T.H.E Leadership Academy Schools. Our professional staff focus on activities that enrich education, health and social skills for all children. The children receive homework and reading assistance, time on devices, explore art, learn new group games, garden, dance and so much more. Our programs are unique at these schools because we offer care not only through parent pay and outside funding agencies, but also through our ASES grant.  Some of the activities may include , soccer with coaches, dance, yoga, musical theater, flag football with coaches, and many more. We work closely with parents and school personnel to ensure your child's safety and happiness. Our ASES grant serves 1st - 5th grade students.

Hours of Operation: Casita Center, Hannalei & T.H.E. Leadership Academy:  school release - 6:00 p.m.
Foothill Oak: 6:30 - school start & schools release - 6:00 p.m.

Casita Application: 2021.22 Casita ASES Application

Foothill Oak Application:
2021.22 Foothill Oak ASES Application

Hannalei Application:
2021.22 Hannalei ASES Application

THE Leadership Academy:
2021.22 THE ASES Application

Program Locations and Site Leaders

 Alamosa Park Barbara Brush 760-631-0784
Beaumont Sandra Boyd 760-631-3444
Breeze Hill Anita Brooks 760-945-6748
Casita Center Lindsay Stypulkowski 760-724-0685
Empresa Wanda Emory 760-726-3312
Foothill Oak Paula Montagna 760-643-2678
Grapevine Laurie Boot 760-631-4940
Hannalei Ana Fernandez 760-643-2676
Lake Malinda Langford 760-945-0281
Mission Meadows Julie Mersy 760-726-7467
Monte Vista Amanda Schramm 760-630-1728
T.H.E. Leadership Academy Denise Atteberry 760-643-2677
Vista Academy Dora Nunez 760-758-7204
Program Supervisor Jessica Pittman 760-726-2170 ext. 92351
Program Manager Cheri Borger 760-643-2675  or ext. 92340  
direct line: 760-643-2675



We are proud to announce our new on line pay system of EZChildTrack.

You may log into EZChildTrack on this link:


There is a 2.5% fee when paying with a credit card. There is a $0.75 fee when paying with ACH (your checking account and you must enter a routing number)


Do you need assistance in paying your childcare? Click on the link to apply



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