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To repair, upgrade, equip classrooms, science labs, local school facilities supporting college readiness, career preparation, math, science, engineering, technology, skilled trades; repair aging classrooms/schools including deteriorating roofs, plumbing, and electrical; improve student safety/school security; shall Vista Unified School District Issue $247 million dollars in bonds at legal rates, raising approximately $13 million annually while bonds are outstanding, at a rate of 3 cents per $100 of assessed value, requiring citizen oversight, all funds for local schools.


How is Vista Unified School District doing?
We are committed to preparing our students to succeed in today's competitive economy. The District has created partnerships with

Cal-State San Marcos, Palomar College and the San Diego Workforce Partnership to create better access to college and good-paying jobs for our students.

What challenges are facing our schools?

Many of our schools were built more than 50 years ago and need to be modernized to support a quality education. Our school facilities are deteriorating. We need to make essential repairs and improvements so our schools can serve our community for decades to come.

3.How is the District planning to address these issues?
On May 31, the Vista Unified School District Board of Trustees voted to place Measure LL on the November 2018 ballot. The measure will help us make improvements to buildings and campuses. Every penny of the bond funding would stay in our community and no funds could be taken away by the State.

4.Specifically, how would local school improvement funding be used?
If approved, Measure LL would:

  • Provide classrooms and labs for career and technology education

  • Provide the facilities needed to support instruction in math, science, and technology

  • Upgrade classrooms, libraries, and science labs

  • Repair or replace deteriorating roofs, plumbing, sewer lines and electrical systems

  • Create flexible, multi-use classrooms

  • Improve heating, ventilation, insulation, doors, and windows to increase energy efficiency

5.How do I know funds from a measure would be used responsibly?
If approved, Measure LL fund would feature strict fiscal accountability provisions including:

  • Independent citizen oversight

  • Requires annual audits

  • No money could be used for administrator salaries

  • All money raised by the measure would stay local to support our students

  • Funding could not be taken away by the State or used for other purposes

  • Vista schools would be eligible to receive at least $21 million in state matching money when it becomes available. Money that would otherwise go to other school districts.

6. How would a bond measure contribute to the education of Vista students?
Measure LL would ensure local students have access to the education, technology and skills training they need to succeed by providing classrooms, technology, facilities, labs and equipment for career and technology education classes and instruction in math and science.

7.How much would a local measure cost?
The measure could generate up to $247 million, which will cost property owners about 3 cents for each $100 of assessed value of their property, or about $108 per year for the typical home owner.

8.Why is funding needed?
Although we have made great strides with what we have, our facilities needs exceed our current funding from the State and additional revenue is needed to provide local students with a safe, modern education. Measure LL would generate the stable funds needed to do so and could qualify our district for additional state matching funds.

9.Is there any other way to update our schools?
Vista Unified School District has very few options when it comes to making the necessary renovations and upgrades to our local schools. We can't rely on the State to complete these repairs. A local school facility improvement funding measure would provide the local control necessary to complete prioritized projects to provide a safe and modern learning environment for our students.

10.Why are these repairs needed?
The District has done its best to maintain its facilities with a limited budget and invests over $3 million of general fund revenue each year to make essential improvements and safety upgrades. However, many schools and facilities are over 50 years old. This isn't a maintenance issue - facilities are old and outdated and need to be replaced, and we can't rely on the State to provide the funding.