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Board Meeting Action Update

March 6, 2020

The purpose of this update is to inform the community of the actions that were taken by the Board at the March 5, 2020 Regular School Board meeting.

Board Actions:
Consent Calendar:
Pulled and will be brought back in April - Item 14C - Physical Education Exemptions
Pulled for Review and Approved - Item 11D - Approval of recommendations from the calendar committee for the 2020/2021, 2021/2022, and 2022/2023 student calendars.
Pulled for Review and Approved - Item 15C - Approval of Revolving Cash Fund Payment
Pulled for Review and Approved - Item 15D - Approval and Acceptance of Donations
Pulled for Review and Approved - Item 15E - Approve listing of School Connected Organizations
Pulled for Review and Approved - Item 15F - Ratify and Approve Purchase Orders

Discussion/Action Items:

Approved - Resolution# 20-28 Intention to eliminate classified positions
Approved - 2nd Interim Report and Resolution# 20-29
Approved - Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) to the existing lease-leaseback agreement between VUSD and Erickson-Hall construction for the softball field at RBV high school.

Board Business:

Approved - Members Alderson and Morton will serve as Board Liaisons on the school consolidation task force.