Board Action Update | November 19, 2021
Posted on 11/18/2021

Board Meeting Action Updates

November 19, 2021

The purpose of this update is to inform the community of the actions that were taken by the Board at the November 18, 2021 Regular School Board meeting.

Board Actions:

Closed Session Report Out:

No action taken.


Consent Calendar:

All Consent items were approved.


Discussion/Action Items:

Approved - Measure LL Vista Magnet Middle School Design Development

Approved - Measure LL Beaumont Elementary School Design Development

Approved - MOU Between CSEA/VUSD regarding Services for Classified CNS Positions

Approved - MOU Regarding the Elimination of Specific Classified CNS Positions

Approved - Amendment to Employment Agreements - Assistant Superintendents - Business Services and Human Relations

Approved - Resolution #22-10 Authorizing Remote Teleconference Meetings for the Period December 1, 2021 through December 31, 2021

Board Feedback on Educator’s Effectiveness VUSD Plan:

  • Explore possibilities of supporting classified staff work toward certificated positions. For example, instructional assistants gaining experiences to be successful in credential programs

Board Feedback on Measure LL Bond Mini Workshop:


  • Discussion regarding the accountability of past work


  • Timeline for breaking ground is mid next year during summer months

  • Remove railroad ties and completely redo the parking lot

  • Parking lot cannot be covered with solar due to the large number of utilities that go through the parking lot, so it was not achievable

Bidding Climate Update

  • With the worker shortage, are we leveraging our resources here in Vista?

    • Be one of the clients that offer the best projects for companies to do the work

    • Plan the next job fair close to VHS

    • Continue work with Student Bond Ambassadors who learn about construction and encourage the students and community into these trades

    • Continue work on CTE Pathway at RBV - Construction/other trades

    • The December Board meeting will bring details on the idea of accelerating some projects to get ahead of escalation costs and shortage of workers

Board Feedback on Electric Buses (EV):

  • By 2035, we must have all electric buses

  • Current cost of electric buses - $1.2 million for six buses (mid size)

  • Own and manage the system including any surplus generated power

  • Pathway to get to 100%

  • Explore opportunities for the white fleet