Board Action Update | September 10, 2021
Posted on 09/10/2021

Board Meeting Action Updates

September 10, 2021

The purpose of this update is to inform the community of the actions that were taken by the Board at the September 10, 2021 Regular School Board meeting.

Board Actions:

Closed Session Report Out: No Actions to Report Out.

Consent Calendar: 

Item 15C Reviewed and Approved - Purchase Orders.

All other Consent items were approved.

Discussion/Action Items:

Approved - 2021 Governance Calendar

Approved - Strategic Vision and Planning Process

Approved - Second Reading of Revised Board Policy 5123 Promotion-Acceleration-Retention

Approved - Second Reading of Revised Board Policy 6158 Independent Study

Approved - 2020-21 Report on the Unaudited Actuals and Ending Fund Balance as Presented

Approved - 2019-20 Financial and Performance Audits for the Measure LL Bond Program

Approved - Financial and Performance Audit for Proposition "O" Funds by Wilkinson Hadley King & Co, LLP

Approved - GMP Increment #1 for New Classroom Project at Vista High School

Approved - Measure LL Madison Middle School Shade Project - Board Consensus for Option C 

Approved - Resolution #22-03 Regarding Appropriations Subject to the "Gann Limit" in accordance with Applicable Constitutional and Statutory Law

Approved - Resolution #22-02 Amending a Resolution Adopted on June 24, 2021 Authorizing the Borrowing of Funds for Fiscal Year 2021-22 and the Issuance and Sale of One or More Series of 2021-22 Tax and Revenue Anticipation Notes therefore in an amount not to exceed $30,000,000 to authorize the amount not to exceed $32,000,000 and to Approve, Confirm, and Ratify the Issuance and Sale of the 2021-22 Tax and Revenue Anticipation Notes in the amount of $32,000,000 and such other actions related thereto.

Board Feedback Strategic Planning Process Scope of Work:

  • Include Discovery Study (Orenda) data and recommendations
  • Utilize other districts initiatives and plans
  • Include both Superintendent’s Councils and all appropriate committees and groups in the stakeholder engagement process
  • Leverage community partnerships
  • Include members of the community that could potentially have students in our district


Board Feedback Measure LL Facility Bond Mini Workshop:

  • Board Consensus on financial reporting format
  • Board Consensus to move forward with workshops and community forums as planned
  • Board Consensus to move forward with Lake Elementary restroom location - Option A